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Apology not accepted?

I’m sure most of you have seen the video, heard about the apology, or watched one of the various parodies and autotuned versions on youtube…Nick Clegg’s apology for breaking his promise to not increase University tuition fees has not been received particularly well by many. (see the original apology video at:

Education, it seems, has been low on the priority list for the current coalition government. The fees shooting up as they have has made Higher Education unreachable for many, and I believe that no individual should be denied an education just because they can’t afford it. And just last week, International students at London Met were facing the terrifying reality that they would have to leave the country if they could not find another institution to study at within 60 days. Thankfully, UKBA recently decided to allow these students to complete their course or continue to study up until the end of the current academic year (2012/13), whichever is sooner. Although this is great news, and the NUS are pleased, the future for these students is still uncertain after July 2013 - and this needs to be rectified.

But still, an apology does not make up for the fact that students and would-be students are suffering because of Clegg’s broken promise; for a start it was not an apology for actually increasing fees but an apology for breaking a promise - and Liam Burns (NUS President) is not happy - check out his video out here:

This makes me even more interested in what you all think about the National Demo on the 21st of November - do you think we should go as a united force from SUBU? do you think it’s a waste of time? get down to the Student Shout on the 16th October and let’s debate it! we’ll take a vote then and there to decide what you want us to do as a Union - let’s get involved!

Louise x

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